Wake - by Lisa McCann

"Janie is forced into other people's dreams to watch their secrets."

You are jilted awake in the middle of the night by a horrible nightmare or perhaps a lucid "falling" dream. This sums up the life of Janie Hannagan. The only thing is, the dreams aren't her own. The novel Wake by Lisa McMann, tells the story of Janie as she develops this unique gift or, in her case, curse.

Since Janie was about eight years old she was forced into other people's dreams, which reveal their inner thoughts,

fears, and secrets. This causes her great distress by keeping her awake at night, distracting her during classes, and even interfering with her concentration while driving. This is an engaging tale of Janie's internal conflict and also her struggle to find someone she can just relate to and love.

The book begins with a description of all of Janie's experiences with dreams. She can't escape and is forced to watch everything without being able to help the victims that are struggling in their own minds. Her savior comes in the form of a boy named Cabel. He is a little shy and somewhat mysterious, but once they get to know each other, there is instant attraction. He cares about her immensely, and he is the only one who knows Janie's secret. He takes care of her every time she has an "episode" and silently keeps a watchful eye. However, when rumors of Cabe being a drug dealer and "man whore" surface, Janie is infuriated and hurt. It would be difficult to tell you the surprising twists and turns of events without spoiling the end, but I assure you, it is an amazing novel.

Janie is a very relatable character and it is easy for the readers to feel her sympathy. Besides her bizarre characteristic, she is a normal high schooler. She must work hard for everything she attains and her problems with her alcoholic mother force her to grow up at a young age. Cabe is sensitive and also on his own when his father

dies. He is mysterious and keeps the readers very interested throughout the entire book.

McMann introduces us to an entirely different kind of novel. The whole plot is completely unique and different from anything you have ever seen…guaranteed!! I am a very slow reader and I read this whole book in one sitting. It is a great page turner that I just could not put down. I recommend this book to anyone who is just looking for a different kind of novel full of suspense and tons of plot twist. This book will keep you engaged for hours on end. Kudos to the author and her creativity!

   - Review by Callie Downs