Twilight - by Stephenie Meyer

"One page of this book will have your heart pounding and mind racing."

Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight is the perfect romance novel. ”Following your heart” and “love conquering all” are true ideas that come to light in this work. Meyer said, “I’ve always admired the ability of some authors to create situations of impossible fantasy, and then add characters that are so deeply human that their perspectives make the situation believable.”  She does exactly this with her creation of characters. One page of this book will have your heart pounding and mind racing.

Meyer uses a very simple writing style; however, this does not mean that her work is dull and boring. She fills the pages with beautiful descriptions and sensory images. She can make the reader feel the emotions of the characters; love, fear, anxiety. Always aware of keeping the reader hooked, she will have you anxiously flipping the pages until the very end. Meyer is an expert at clenching all your emotions and will have you holding your breath as you continue.

Bella Swan, the new girl in Forks, Washington, a very dreary small town, is just an average teenage girl. She is not very social and not the prettiest girl in school. However, a mysterious boy figure soon haunts her thoughts. Edward Cullen has the most beautiful golden eyes, long dark hair, smooth, pale skin, and a smile that makes you melt from the inside out. Bella becomes curious about Edward and his withdrawal from the rest of the student body. Not until she has already madly fallen for him, does she find out that he is vampire! But Bella is a fearless, headstrong girl who throws danger out of her mind. She is quickly swept away by Edward’s honest, sensitive, and romantic style. The two fall in love and are perfectly content until a trio of unwelcome visitors arrive in town. Now Bella realizes the danger of being human in a world of vampires!

       “The tracker followed us. He’s running behind us now.”
        My body went cold
       “Can we outrun him?”

Can Bella escape the mortal danger she's in? Will Bella and Edward’s love survive? These nagging questions will have you racing to finish.

Twilight  is one of the best books I have ever read. Meyer is a master of storytelling. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in a true love story with a twist of action and suspense. I highly recommend reading the second and third books in this vampire series. Check out New Moon and Eclipse to see how Bella and Edward’s relationship turns out. Other than the fact that she creates Edward as the epitome of a perfect guy, that no one here on Earth can live up to, Meyer does an excellent job creating a fantasy story that is so real and believable. Despite his perfection, Edward is still unpredictable and that keeps you hooked. He and Bella are the most loveable couple I have ever read about. This book is truly the perfect romantic story!

   - Review by Elizabeth C.

"Meyer intertwines  the love story with action sequences, keeping you wanting more."

In the novel Twilight, Stephenie Meyer tells a story about two love struck teenagers.  Bella Swan’s world is turned upside down when she moves to a small town with her father and befriends a strange, pale skinned boy named Edward Cullen.  Edward, however, has a secret.  It does not take Bella long to discover that Edward’s secret is that he is a bloodthirsty vampire.  Despite Edward’s appetite, Bella falls in love with the handsome night stalker.  Although they are both aware of how unhealthy their romance is, neither can seem to stay away from the other.  The major theme of Twilight is that love prevails over all obstacles.  Even though Edward’s instincts tell him to kill Bella, his heart tells him not to.  As Edward struggles to conquer his thirst for Bella’s blood, what starts as a blissful baseball game turns into a chase that just might end in someone’s death.

Stephenie Meyer keeps readers turning pages with her easy to read style and suspenseful tone.  She intertwines Bella and Edward falling in love with action sequences, keeping the reader wanting more.  Edward’s love for Bella seems so genuine that it makes the reader want to believe that vampires really are good. The intensity of their love is enthralling and heightens the suspense when Bella is in trouble.  Bella, an unusually clumsy girl, always seems to find trouble wherever she goes.  Edward is determined to keep Bella safe and happy no matter what it may cost him.

The fast paced, clever dialogue that Meyer uses keeps the story moving quickly. Meyer laces her novel with symbolism, extended metaphors, and irony to keep the reader on their toes.  She also uses lots of foreshadowing, especially at the beginning when Bella first meets Edward.  The tone of the novel is foreboding and straightforward.

I thought that Twilight’s tale of young love was a compelling and thrilling novel.  Despite its length, it was a quick read for me.  Perhaps this is because of Stephenie Meyer’s addictive storyline.  Although I normally do not enjoy novels about mythical creatures, after reading Twilight, I was wanting more.  Meyer describes her characters so clearly that it felt like I was experiencing their tribulations with them.  Her vivid depictions of Edward and Bella’s romance could be put among the ranks of Romeo and Juliet’s love.

   - Review by Lindsay R.

"With its predictable protagonist, this book's not worth sinking your teeth into."

Everybody's heard about it. Everyone's read it. I read it too, mainly falling to peer pressure. I am, of course, talking about Twilight, Stephenie Meyer's book that's hit the post-Harry Potter generation. But is this book really worth sinking your teeth into (pun intended)?

Not really. The characters themselves aren't that interesting and the female protagonist, one Bella, is predictable and too perfect. Real girls can't relate to her. She's pretty, smart, noble, brave, and clumsy. The perfect heroine - bleh!

The book could be redeemed, if it had a good plot. Sadly, that's not the case. For the first 200 pages, there is mostly small talk between Edward (the vampire lover) and Bella. When the plot finally does pick up, it's over before anything even happens. The climax is anti-climactic.

Overall this book is poor. With its stereotypical characters and uninteresting plot, I wouldn't suggest this book to someone I hate It's not even a real vampire book. It just has one in it. How sad.

   - Review by Arianne K.