Sweethearts - by Laurie Halse Anderson

"a story of a friendship that's simply meant to be."

In this novel Sarah Zarr creates a touching story of two children who are immediately drawn to each other and continue to have a genuine love for each other even after a long period of separation. The story begins with Jessica's memories of her childhood and her cherished time with Cameron Quick. Cameron changed her greatly but she doesn't even realize why he's there until later in her teenage years. They experience many intimate moments in childhood, even though it may not have seemed like a big deal.

After being together constantly, Cameron randomly disappears. The devastating rumor around school is that he died. When he leaves, Jessica is like a lost soul. She changes her name to Jenna and creates for herself a completely new life, with a new boyfriend, Ethan. However, her connection with Cameron cannot be broken. Will he come back into her life? What will she learn about him?

This novel is very sweet and cute and one teenage girls could definitely relate to. It is a quick read and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes a touching story about two people's journey to find out that their friendship is simply meant to be.

   - Macy W.