Stupid Fast - by Geoff Herbach
Stupid Fast

"entertaining book with a great story of boy who goes 'from a joke to a jock'"

Stupid Fast by Geoff Herbach is a very good book. It was very funny, relatable, and satisfying. The book is about the life of Felton Reinstein, his development "from a joke to a jock," and his life with his family and other people in his community. The story starts with Felton talking in the middle of the night and goes on telling his story until seven in the morning. He talks about how he started to grow hair everywhere and lots of it. He talks about how he suddenly became very fast, later joining the track and football team but says he does not fit in with the rest of the people in his town. Felton calls them "honkies" and he and his two friends despise them. When his friend, Gus, has to leave the town, Felton feels all alone. His mom, Jerri, makes him take Gus's paper route, which Felton hates, but he later finds out Aleah moved into Gus's old house.

Felton's family is a little odd, and I feel the same way Felton does about his family. His mom, who he calls Jerri, is a hippie. Jerri acts weird at times, annoying me and Felton. I felt the same way Felton did when Jerri pushes him to do new things, making Felton a very relatable person. Felton's brother, Andrew, is emotional and Felton does not understand him, just like I do not. Felton's has to manage his irregular family with sports and Aleah, which adds interest into the story and makes it fun.

This book is full of humor. There were plenty of awkward moments that made me laugh at Felton. When he feels awkward or out of place, he gets an adrenaline rush and runs out of the area, fleeing his fears in a very fast way. The author describes the awkward feelings Felton has very well; they're very relatable. His attraction to Aleah makes the story interesting – also the way he talks about how he did not really fit in at the beginning and how he was bullied by others. Seeing the change in him through the book made it special. Felton had to deal with many bullies as well and Felton pushes through and deals with it.

The story was well written. I liked how Felton was telling it from his perspective in the middle of the night. Seeing things from his point of view tells the story in a different way from how others would tell it. The only thing I did not like was that there were parts to his story that was not necessary or relevant to what was going on. Although these parts did add character and give personality to Felton, I do not think that they were necessary.

This book deals with the change in Felton "From a joke to a jock" and is full of humor, fun, and stories. Overall it is a very entertaining book with a great story.

   - William W.

"funny comments make you want to keep reading"

Many guys don't seem to take on puberty very well. However, fifteen-year-old Felton Reinstein seems to be taking it pretty well. In fact, too well. In this book, Stupid Fast by Geoff Herbach, not only is Felton undergoing the normal changes of a teenage boy—growing body hair, growing taller, building more muscle mass—but he also starts to become exponentially faster. It seems as if he is acquiring some sort of superhuman speed. Whatever it was, it was enough to get the track coach and the football coach to notice him during gym class. Felton then gains a new group of friends from his football team. With all of these new things in his life, Felton finds it very hard to cope with his mother's depression (over her husband's death about 10 years ago), his new girlfriend, the pressure to excel at a sport he hasn't even played, training for the sport, his old friends and new friends, and, of course, his school work. Felton has trouble juggling all these factors and becomes very stressed only to find out an uneasy secret about his past.

Many teenage guys can relate to Felton in this book. Many teens will relate to how he thinks people are thinking he is stupid, and then he does something to prove it to them (obviously not on purpose). It is a fantastic read for anyone. Geoff Herbach does an amazing job of keeping the plot moving, keeping it lively, and keeping the reader engaged. I loved how Herbach wrote this book. I love how he writes it to where Felton is not just talking about what happened today, but he is telling the readerwhat happened today. Herbach writes this book so it is as Felton is just talking to the reader as if he or she is his best friend. Herbach puts in funny side notes from Felton's inner thoughts, even though he says he is not funny at all. His writing style made me chuckle when Felton would put himself down and talk about times where he blundered and messed up. I also love how, even when Felton is talking about things that are not very cheerful, he keeps an enlightened mood and tone. It is also funny just to hear Felton talk about the everyday high-school things that even I joke around about, such as not trying in flag football during gym class.

Stupid Fast is set apart from other books in that, as I mentioned before, Herbach writes it as though Felton is talking to the reader like he or she is his best friend. In addition, Herbach writes in little "side notes" within Felton's mind to add humor to the parts of the story that are somewhat sad. This book was very well written considering the fact that Geoff Herbach does an excellent job of keeping the plot moving and making sure it doesn't become boring. It is also a fun and light-hearted book good for any teen, especially guys. Like I said, Herbach keeps it upbeat and throws in comments to Felton's self that are funny and make you want to keep reading and not put the book down. Herbach does a great job of developing the characters and giving background information on them so we know where they came from and about their past. I can't say there are any negative aspects of this book. To me, it was an amazing read and I would suggest it to any teenage boy and even a girl. Stupid Fast would also be a great book for those that are coming to an end of their middle school career.

   - Kyle M.

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