Story of a Girl - by Laurie Halse Anderson
Story of a Girl

"sweet, cute, and catchy; it's a good read for a rainy day"

      Story of a Girl is about Deanna Lambert who, when she was thirteen, was caught by her father in the backseat of a car with her brother’s seventeen year old friend. The story starts the summer after Deanna’s sophomore year with her reputation as the school slut still dogging her. The story is written from Deanna’s view with a side story of a surfer girl lost at sea, Deanna’s personified mind.

     The writing style is easy and effective, keeping you involved without confusing you with a bunch of details. Meanwhile, the story itself is very unique. The book accomplishes its objective; it made me feel connected and sympathetic for the sweet girl who made a mistake. The author did a very good job of preventing Deanna from sounding pathetic and angsty. She was a believable character. I could understand why she did what she did and still found her strong and independent. Throughout the entire book I was on her side, even when she did something stupid, which I find an unusual thing.

     As always, a love triangle emerges between Deanna and her best friends Jason and Lee. Deanna is the third wheel and aches to be with Jason while feeling guilt for betraying Lee. I really appreciate how Zarr presented this love interest as subtle yet constant, always on Deanna’s mind but without insane action. Also I was very happy to see that the catalyst of the story, the boy in the back seat, did not see the light and change his ways. There is nothing less believable than an antagonist who all of a sudden changes their ways. 

     This book could be considered a little bland because it had no definite beginning or end, no strong plot, no breath-taking climax, and no resolution because there really was not a strong central problem. It was more of just examining an expert view of a teenage girl’s life.

     It was sweet, cute, and catchy, but it is not a great American novel. It's a good read for a slow, rainy day or if you’re just in the mood for something smooth and straightforward. This story is filled believable characters, interesting views, and a nice concept. Overall,it is one I would recommend.

   - Kiley S.