Something Borrowed - by Emily Giffin
Something Borrowed

"one of my favorites; I’ve reread it until the cover has fallen off"

        This gripping first novel by Emily Giffin is about one girl in Manhattan finding her own light from behind her best friend’s overpowering shadow and about what happens after her thirtieth birthday party. Meet Rachael White, a book-smart attorney, who has average looks. Rachael is best friends with gorgeous Darcy Rhone who tries to overshadow Rachael in everything she does. Darcy is engaged to the gorgeous Dex Thaller, a smart, rich, good-looking guy.  All of Rachael’s life, Darcy has tried to out-do her in everything she does. Darcy often has things put in her lap, such as her job at a top Manhattan PR firm, just because of her looks.  Then one night after Rachael’s thirtieth birthday party at a bar, the tables turn after Rachael “accidentally, on purpose” sleeps with Dex.

        Classified as a “chick book,” this romance novel will appeal to all female readers who have ever felt pressure to stand out. The reader will fly through the book in a single sitting. It is almost like Giffin is right there, telling the story, piece by piece, due to her simple yet effective language.  Because of her outstanding use of descriptive passages such as “Darcy is now leaning over the bar, flirting with the twenty-something, aspiring actor/bartender whom she has already told me she would ‘totally do’ if she were single,” a picture is painted so vividly, the reader will feel as if they are there with them.

        From the viewpoint of Rachael, Giffin creates a girl who wants love, but most of all, companionship. On the eve of her milestone birthday Rachael thinks “So here I am, on the brink of a new decade, realizing that being alone makes my thirties daunting, and being thirty makes me feel more alone.” This immediately entices the reader to Rachael because everyone has felt alone at some point. Right off the start, Rachael is established as the good girl, because Giffin tells us about her good grades and her always playing second fiddle to Darcy. Darcy on the other hand is shown to be the person who makes life harder for Rachael by lying about things like the college she got into, to make herself seem better than Rachael. Darcy feels that she always has to be on top, and because of Rachael and Dex, she is no longer there. That’s what makes this book click with readers. 

            A romance novel like Something Borrowed should not go unread by any girl. This is one of my favorite books, and I have reread it until the cover has worn off. Anyone who has ever had a friend will find similarities within the friendship of Darcy and Rachael. The excitement of this book pulls you in and you can’t put it down until you are done. Emily Giffin’s fantastic use of language exponentially adds to the overall life of the book. Be sure to check out the sequel to Something Borrowed, called Something Blue, the story of Darcy and Rachael, as told by Darcy.

   - Madeleine H.