Shatter Me - by Tahereh Mafi
Shatter Me

"an example of how, even in the darkest of time, people can still find love"

The book Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi is a romance novel about a young girl who was thrown in a prison and almost goes insane. She meets a boy and instantly falls in love with him, but soon to find that he's working for a government organization to change the world. Now in order to save her own life she must fight alongside of them. This is book is a perfect example of doing what you need to survive and how love with all ways prevail.

Reading this novel was a wonderful experience. The author's style at first is a little confusing, but once you step back and look at how it's set up you see what she meant to do. Within her novel she has words with lines through them and then words without lines through them in the dialogue. It shows what people are saying and then what they really mean with the slashed out words.

What sets this book apart from other books is that it revolves around a girl who has the power to kill anyone she wants by a single touch. Imagine being around the ones you love and not being able to touch them in anyway. She is incapable of human contact and is hated by her parents and thrown in an insane asylum.

The author's use of first person in this book gives the reader a hands-on experience. Although this book is directed more towards a woman's taste, as a guy I personally loved this book and would recommend to anyone who loves a grand love story. This story is a true example of how, even in the darkest of time, people can still find love and then no matter how bad off the world is, people will prevail. The setting of this story is North America where the entire world has gone downhill because of pollution and the lack of care for the planet. Animals and people are fighting for survival and a new government power has risen to attempt to fix everything, but is going about it all wrong. They are trying to destroy all of the previous history of the world and start over as one people with one language and one culture. They plant to destroy all the culture in the world and make all current languages illegal.

This can be seen as an allusion to communism, because they are attempting to take everyone's rights and force them to do what the government commands. It is a perfect example of how the government tries to do right but normally goes along with it the wrong way and ends up ruining everything in the process. The fact the government has decided to destroy all of culture and language is a shock but does prove how powerful governments can be, especially if they are corrupted.

   - Ryan M.

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