The Road - by Cormac McCarthy
The Road

"In the mood for a book that will make you feel? Choose this one."

The Road is the type of book that will leave you horribly depressed for days on end. Set in the future, after the Apocalypse has destroyed America as we know it, a young boy and his father head out on the road, looking for a better life. An enjoyable read, but incredibly sad, The Road uses such raw emotion in its story-telling, that at the end of this novel, you will be left in tears.

     The tale of a young boy and his father as they struggle to survive on a burned and bleak road, The Road has an unhappy beginning, a dismal middle and a hopeful end. As the boy and the father travel down the road, they face the danger of starvation, thirst, nature and other survivors of the Apocalypse, the question of one another’s sanity is asked. But through each other's strength and willpower, they keep traveling, clinging to the hope that the eastern coast has survived the destruction.

       The Road, though bleak, is a triumph of loyalty and will-power. The writing style is fairly simple and easy to understand. The reader will notice a lack of punctuation and proper grammar, because when the question of survival comes into play, is proper English important? If you’re in the mood for a book that will make you feel, choose this one.

   - Arianne K.