Pirates! - by Celia Rees

"a great book and an easy read for all adventure-seekers"

     Pirates! by Celia Reese is not your average treasure-hunting, booty-stealing, town raiding sort of pirate story.

     Nancy Kingston, a merchant's daughter, is aware of sea travels and adventure from an early age. She and her best friend and true love, William Davies, plan to travel the world together as captain and loving wife. However, during the early 1700's, women can't have adventures. While her three brothers are destined to become merchants, planters, and soldiers, Nancy is destined to be the wife of a rich husband.

     After her father dies, Nancy is sent with her brother to her father's sugar plantaion in Jamaica. There she is appalled by the horror and injustice of slavery used to produce her father's sugar. She becomes close friends with her black house servants, Minerva, who is Nancy's age and Phillis, Minerva's mother. When Nancy is forced to marry a rich Brazilian planter, Bartholome, she escapes the plantation with her new friends. They leave the island with sympathetic pirates and take up the swash-buckling life.

     The life of a female pirate is not easy. Nancy, Minerva,, and their pirate brothers find themselves running for their lives, with both the Navy and other pirates close behind. In this fast-paced, adventure novel, Nancy finds a friend who is closer than a sister on her quest to be reunited with her true love. Both guys and girls would enjoy this book, but it is mostly geared toward a female audience. It's a great book and an easy read for all ages of adventure-seekers.

   - Liza N.