The Other Side of the Island - by Allegra Goodman
The Other Side of the Island

"the feel of a classic, in the style of The Giver"

     This book was a really good read, and it also makes you think. The main character, Honor, lives in an enclosed dome because global warming and the depletion of the ozone layer has made it necessary to regulate the air and weather. The very restrictive government is run by someone named Earth Mother and her Corporation. Honor grows up trying to follow the rules and fit in, but she has social problems at school because her family is poor and her parents are known to be "different."

       Honor wishes her parents would conform and worries because people who don't obey the rules tend to disappear. Other people know that they read books and break curfew and had a second child, which is frowned on. Her worst fears eventually come true, and she is left to figure out what to do on her own.

       Allegra Goodman does a really good job of making the story seem realistic. Honor's emotions pull the reader into the story, and the suspense keeps you reading. The book has the feel of a classic, in the style of "The Giver," which was one of my favorite books in middle school.