Origin - by Jessica Khoury

"This book has everything really"

Origin is about an immortal girl named Pia who lives in the Amazon rainforest. She dreams of being like the scientist who created her, but there are still a lot of secrets that have yet to be revealed to her. One night she sneaks out and (literally) runs into a boy who lives in the jungle. Then everything about Pia's world starts to change as she begins to uncover the truth about her existence.

I really really liked this book. It started off kinda slow for me, but then it really picked up speed. The last few chapters left me breathless and I could not put the book down! It was not what I expected but I liked how it ended. I also liked how there was some romance incorporated into it because I just love romance.

I would recommend every teenager to read this book. Especially those who like sci-fi and fantasy, and who doesn't mind romance thrown in there. It also has some funny parts too, and sad parts. This book has everything really. If you liked the Matched series, you would like this book.

   - Rachel W.