Of Mice and Men - by Rae Carson
Of Mice and Men

"a story of friendship and loyalty, a great read"

            I like John Steinbeck’s books because the many ideas and themes to choose from. There are also many surprises in Of Mice and Men. The main theme in this novel is friendship and loyalty, about George and Lennie and how they go through all the tough times together.

            George and Lennie are two migrant workers who have to walk a good distance to get to the California farm where they work. George is an intelligent, small man and Lennie is the exact opposite. Lennie has a mental disability and needs George for protection and guidance, but Steinbeck tries to show the readers that the relation between George and Lennie is mutual. Another thing they share is a  dream of buying their “own fatta the land” and building a farm on it. This dream is significant, because George uses it to calm Lennie down at many times.

            George tells the boss that Lenny got kicked in the head by a horse when he was little, and they are hired. They meet many people on this farm like Curley, who is the boss’ son and his wife. His wife flirts with both George and Lennie and Lennie thinks that she’s “purty.” George can see the danger that could come from this so he tells Lennie to stay away from her. He does this to protect Lennie once again.

            When Curley’s wife begins to flirt with Lenny, a chain of events is set in motion that leads to disaster. I recommend you read the story, especially if you like adventure books with close friends in it. For all you readers who like short books, Of Mice and Men is less than 100 pages. Overall it’s a great book for everyone, because no matter how old we are, everyone has friends .

   - Aron M.

"an engaging story that you will not be able to put down until the last word"

     John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men is an amazing story of two men who are meant to take care of each other and grow to become friends. The story is set near Soledad, California, in the 1930s. The main characters, Lennie Small and George Milton, live, travel, and work together. Some of the major themes of this story include the importance of friendship and the pursuit of the American Dream. Lennie is actually an extremely large man who is mentally disabled. He is a very kind, loving man who never means any harm. When George proclaims, “Good boy! That’s fine, Lennie!”, it is obvious that he is somewhat of a father figure to Lennie. Lennie and George share a dream of buying land, farming it, and starting a life. Lennie also dreams of raising and taking care of rabbits. 

     The two previously worked at a factory in a town called Weed, where Lennie got into some trouble because of his incredible strength. The two men travel south to find new work and at their new job, they meet a variety of coworkers which include Slim, Candy, Crooks, and Carlson. Slim agrees to give Lennie one of his new puppies. Lennie absolutely loves petting soft things, so he is so excited. They also come across their boss’s son, Curly. Curly is a very angry, small man who despises any man who is large. This includes Lennie. George instructs Lennie to stay away from both Curly and Curly’s wife. Meanwhile, George includes Candy in their plan to acquire the American Dream. 

    Of Mice and Men is an engaging story that you will not be able to put down until the last word. It is an outstanding story that portrays the true meaning of friendship and fraternity. Steinbeck creates and describes the amazing adventures of these two completely opposite characters. The moving bond between George and Lennie is that between a father and a son. It is love. Steinbeck reveals the meaning of true love and commitment in this beautiful story.

   - Julie D.