Insurgent - by Veronica Roth

"Watching the characters' walls come down is something I look forward to."

Insurgent picks up where Divergent left off, with Tris hiding in a train from the Erudite who are trying to take over the city. The book is written in first person from Tris's point of view. I think this style works for the book since the narrator (and the reader) do not know what is going to happen next. This makes the book more exciting since the reader can feel the suspense in tricky situations and the outcomes can be unexpected and more interesting.

I personally like Roth's style of writing because the book is extremely exciting and intrigues the reader. I even like the names of the factions since they act as a real life interpretation of the word's definition. An example of this would be the title, the word insurgent means a person who revolts against a government or authority. This captures the entire plot of the story since Tris is battling against the Erudite who want to take over the government. Using these words for the factions adds extra definitionto the story line.

Tris, in the first book, is a scrawny girl who was very quiet and reserved. In Insurgent, she slowly transforms into a more powerful and outspoken character. She also deals with her guilt over the death of her close friend in the first book. There are also developments in her relationships that make the book seem more realistic - funny moments such as when Peter and Four get into a little banter when Peter asks if Four has his gun and he responds with, "No… I figured I would shoot the bullets out of my nostrils, so I left it upstairs."

One aspect of the book I especially like is the reason for Tris's divergence. The author does not use an unrealistic excuse by saying she is special or has supernatural powers. Roth actually gives a reasonable explanation that seems could be an actual possibility and explains why serums do not work as well on the divergent.

There is subplot in the book about Tris and Four's relationship. We can see how dynamic the relationship is as the couple goes through ups and downs in their relationship. But it is also filled with sweet moments such as when Tris has a bad read and Four responds with, "'Sleep,' he says. ‘I'll fight the bad dreams off if they come to get you.' ‘With what?' ‘My bare hands, obviously.' The characters truly love each other and watching their walls come down is something to look forward to.

I personally loved this book and can't wait for the final book in the trilogy to come out. It was nearly impossible to put the book down. The plot was unique, the characters are realistic, and most importantly the story was thrilling to read.

   - Hannah O.