Hourglass - by Myra McEntire

"the perfect mix of suspense, romance, and paranormal."

In Myra McEntire’s debut novel, Hourglass, 17 year old Emerson Cole has been seeing things for the last four years. Shortly before her parents died in a car accident, Emerson began seeing people and things that did not belong. For a while she coped with it, but then she was put on medication and chose to leave her home to go to boarding school.

Now that her scholarship has run out, she has returned to live with her brother Thomas and his wife Dru in Tennessee. Thomas decides to bring in a consultant to help Emerson with her situation. Thomas has tried consultants in the past and most have seemed like con artists, but Thomas hopes Michael Weaver will be able to help.  When Emerson meets Michael, who works for an organization called Hourglass, she believes he will be different.  Michael is just a few years older than Emerson and best of all, he can see the things she does. Michael offers Emerson the first real opportunity she has had to figure out what she has been seeing.

Myra McEntire introduces readers to complex and interesting characters. Emerson, who has been dealing with seeing people and things for years, has tried everything she can to stop having the visions. While Emerson has a problem and wants help with it, she is more of the spunky, independent girl than the girl who sits idle until someone tries to help her. Michael, who is immediately kind and understanding, is also a mystery for Emerson and us. Emerson questions Michael's past and his present as he introduces her to a group of people she never knew existed and begins trying to help Emerson understand what she has been seeing for years. Michael and Emerson’s attraction is almost instantaneous, but they never forget about the bigger picture of what they are trying to do, understanding visions of people and things from a different time.
If you like paranormal (some might say fantasy) YA or really good writing, you will love Hourglass. Myra McEntire is a master at creating characters that instantly draw you in. The right amount of mystery surrounding what Michael and Emerson might learn will keep you up reading. This story is the perfect mix of suspense, romance, and the paranormal. This novel stands out because McEntire does not spend too much time involved in the teen angst that is present in many other YA novels, instead focusing on the paranormal or fantasy side of the story. The paranormal components of Hourglass are different from many other popular YA novels and McEntire does an excellent job crafting this new addition to paranormal YA.

    - Ashley P.