Going Over - by Beth Kephart
Going Over

"The book is very well written"

I really liked this book. Itís about two teens separated by the Berlin wall and the way they communicate and plot how they can be together. It was interesting to read a book set in the 80ís and I loved the way Ada cared about the children she works with and how Stefan worries about leaving his grandmother. Ada, with her pink hair, tries to liven up her gray neighborhood with her graffiti art. The book taught me a lot about the way people lived in that time and place.

I was so nervous reading the ending because the author made you understand how dangerous it is for people who try to escape and youíre pulling for Ada and Stefan to be together. The book is very well written and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good love story or to anyone interested in the history of the Berlin wall because you learn a lot about the way the West and East were separated. I read an advance copy of it, but I will definitely buy this book because itís one I want to keep.

   - Jennifer C.