The Future of Us - by Ruta Sepetys
The Future of Us

"The novel shows how much we rely on the internet and social media sites."

In the novel The Future of Us the two main characters Josh and Emma go online for the first time and find themselves in a website showing them a sneak peak to their future. We've all at one point thought about seeing our future - who we're going to marry, what college we're going to attend, what job we'll have. All these things that occur in the future we worry and think about. What if we could open a website from the future and get a sneak peek of our future? Josh and Emma discover that they have access to Facebook; the Facebook they discover is 15 year into the future, their future.

The authors Jay and Carolyn have interesting writing styles. Each chapter they switch the narrators but each chapter keeps the same tone. The book is written very well and, in my opinion, really is creative and appealing to teenagers. The fact that the story takes place in 1996 but they can see all the Facebook profiles 15 years into the future - when Facebook didn't even exist - is really interesting. The story really puts you in their situation and makes you wonder what you would do if you found a website that would help you discover and even change your future.

The conflicts occur when Emma begins to worry about her future and wants to discover more about it, but her research and her findings change Emma and Josh's future. The conflicts also arise in their mind when anyone put in their lives makes them begin to think about their place in their future.

This novel is an awakening and shows how much we rely on the internet and social media sites like Facebook that can affect the future. While I read this book I wondered whether, if I was put in this situation, I would try to change the future or if I would let it pay out the way it should. Knowing how I am, and how I want everyone to be happy and everything to go perfectly, I'd figure out a way to change it. As worry over their futures begins to warp the present, Josh and Emma have to decide to stop worrying. If they don't focus on the present, they might miss out on the most important thing. In order to figure out what they do with the website and if they change their future you have to read the book.

The book for me was very relatable. I think a lot of teenagers can relate to Josh and Emma. The more they try to figure out how Facebook works the more, they become obsessed with the website. Just like most teenagers are addicted to the internet whether it be twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. I could relate to them because of my interest in Facebook and other social networking sites. The conflicts the characters faced made want to keep reading. This book was a very easy read and took me two days, and I found myself not wanting to put it down. The whole concept of the story interested me and really kept me on edge wanting to know what happens next. I definitely would recommend this to any teen who is worried about their future or enjoys social networking sites.

    - Blair M.