Dramarama - by E. Lockhart

"Be prepared to enter a new world in a fun book about drama camp."

Dramarama is a very enjoyable and quick read.  If you are a total theatre nerd, then this is a book for you.  The novel focuses on a girl, Sadye, who is in love with the theatre but is mediocre at best.  A prestigious drama camp accepts her and she befriends people who are far more talented than she is.  As the story evolves, the characters around Sadye grow while she stays stagnantly mediocre.

In the book’s beginning Sadye is the odd girl at school.  She looks for every opportunity to break out of her hometown and, when she sees the flyer for a prestigious drama camp, she lunges on the opportunity.  At auditions, she meets Demi, a guy who eventually becomes her best friend.  They both are accepted to the camp and bond during the time leading up to summer.

Demi becomes everything to her and gives her the sense of joy she has been missing.  Although they make a pact on their trip to drama camp that they will come to rule the camp, Demi is the only one who shines.  Sadye and Demi enter a completely new world that is both exciting and frightening.  They find that this experience is completely different from what they expected.

Many relationships form during the summer.  Demi begins dating the hot guy on campus.  Yes, I did say guy, so I would warn homophobes against reading this novel because many of the relationships are homosexual.  In fact, the only relationship that ultimately lasts is a gay relationship.

Demi, however, is not the only one involved in some romance.  Sadye is attracted to two people and they pursue each other throughout the summer. Both main characters form many friendships as they audition for various roles in several plays.

I personally enjoyed this novel.  Despite its lack of huge dramatic events, it has an interesting plot.  Though I can definitely see how this amazing idea could have been expanded to much greater lengths, it is entertaining and fun.  The novel has many references to aspects of the theatre that outsiders just would not understand.  So, I would highly recommend it to the drama community, while warning others that if you chose to pick up this book you must be prepared to enter a new world.

Dramarama is a good novel with a great premise.  It is both interesting and captivating.  Though the ending did not particularly suit my taste, I will allow you to decide whether you like the ending.  I would recommend this story of a mediocre girl in a fast growing and changing world.

    - Drew S.

"The behind-the-back scandal didn't seem worth being written down on paper."

Dramarama by E. Lockhart explains the whole story in the title. It is full past the brim of who’s dating who, who got the lead, and who’s getting kicked out. It is nonstop, over the top drama. The theme is hard to determine from all the petty nonsense, but I gather from it that you have to stand up for what you believe is the right thing.

The story takes place in Wildewood, a summer camp for the performing arts. It is a boarding school during the school year, but during the summer it turns into one of the most coveted acting havens for teens. Sadye and her best friend, Demi, from Brenton, Ohio, who appear to be the only theatrical people in town, get accepted into the coveted Wildewood. There they are taught acting, singing, dance and other theatre related activities all while performing in up to three plays simultaneously.

Demi is African American, gay, and loving every minute of it. He gets completely absorbed into the life, spirit, and pure joy of acting. He snags some great parts, leaving Sayde a bit jealous. At the beginning of the story Sarah changes her name to Sayde, and decides to breakout of her shell at Wildewood. At first glance Sayde appears to be a calm and simple girl, yet the reader learns she has very complicated opinions on everything, opinions that very quickly become very annoying. Sayde goes through a fair share of boys accompanied with lots of drama. From skinny dipping with one to getting dumped on the dance floor with another, she attracts drama like moths to a flame. At Wildewood Sayde's outspokenness gets her into trouble; some find it bold and beautiful, while others find it downright annoying.

Dramarama is a great book for someone who has little to no drama in their lives. I have plenty in mine; therefore I found it somewhat annoying and a waste of time. I didn’t take any lasting memories or life experiences from it. I really did not enjoy all the behind the back scandal that did not seem worth being written down on paper. It is an easy read, with simple minded conflicts. I would not recommend this book to anyone, unless I didn’t like them very much.

    - Rose P.