Blood Brothers - by S. A. Harazin
Blood Brothers

"This book will make you cry your eyes out and appreciate life more."

If you are thinking about a medical career or like a lot of drama, this book is for you. From page one Blood Brothers keeps you hooked. The main character Clay is easy to relate to. Clay is a medical technician at the local hospital. Things are always going on at work that keep him on his toes. Little does he know something is about to rock his very core.

Joey, Clay’s best friend since he was seven, is suddenly in critical condition at the hospital. The blame for getting Joey in this mess falls on Clay. He has to figure out what happened to Joey to prove he is innocent, and in the midst of everything he ends up finding a strength he never knew he had. This story is about love, friendship, suspense, and betrayal.

Warnings to the reader:

This book will not only make you cry your eyes out, but it makes you appreciate life more. Blood Brothers isn’t the best book I’ve read, but it definitely makes my top twenty. Guys and girls alike will definitely enjoy this good short read.

   - Caroline P.