Blood and Chocolate - by Annette Curtis Klause
Blood and Chocolate

"a great read, one book I hand off to many friends"

In Blood and Chocolate the idea of werewolves comes alive. Vivian Gandillon, the narrator, is just a basic teenage girl who struggles with the pain of losing her father. Although the setting is modern day, she also happens to be dealing with the confusion of whether she is a beast or a human, a dilemma more troubling than the ones most teens encounter.

I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a novel with some exciting action and a little romance written in an adult writing style. In Blood and Chocolate Annette Klause does a great job of adding action with romance, and the parts that are a little risqué fit with the character development and go along with the truths of life. There are no dull moments in this book, and the events describe the life of a teenage girl right down to the small details, showing heartbreak and young love.

Through the book Klause does a marvelous job of making her characters connect with the readers. Vivian Gandillon becomes more realistic as her character develops throughout the story. She is pressured to try and live the life she wants to and still respect the way her pack wants her to live. In addition to dealing with the problems of her pack and of changing herself into a werewolf, she falls in love with a human, which causes a lot of trials she has to face.

Annette Klause wrote this book amazingly. Her use of dialogue and detailed description leave you to imagine exactly what Annette Klause wants you to imagine.

I highly recommend it if you are interested in this kind of story. It is a great read and one book I hand off to many friends. So far I have not gotten one bad review. It truly is written marvelously and I ask you to read it.

   - Review by Avenly H.