The Bell Jar - by Sylvia Plath
The Bell Jar

"a must-read for animal lovers, especially aspiring veterinarians"

The Bell Jar is a story about a woman going crazy. The story was written by Sylvia Plath, narrated by the woman going insane. I personally would only give the story two or three stars out of five at best. I especially would not recommend this story to other guys since the appeals and relations seem to be more toward girls. Even the cover of the books hints at this since it is colored with pink and has the picture of a young girl in a skirt on the front. Looking back at the book, she may have even had a bad light on guys in general, making them seem bad as a continuing undertone in the story. Getting past the fact that I, a guy, read a non guy book, I found several other problems with the book.

The largest problem with the book is the story itself. The story is very, very depressing. Almost nothing good ever happens to the main character Esther Greenwood. If the reader thinks that the story will have a positive spin or actual happy ending, this really is not the story to read. In the beginning Esther, the winner of a contest  lives pretty well in New York, which also happens to the happiest part of the story. The rest of the story is down hill from this moment as the reader watches her life slowly get worse and worse. She gets to many points where things are so bad that ending everything seems to be her only solution. Suicide is never a happy concept so any reader who wants flowers and cupcakes in a book should just turn back. That also goes double for any guy who thinks of reading The Bell Jar. Read this if you want a sad, possibly a crying, book. Luckily for me, I am a quite mellow guy so the emotion really did not faze me.

    Besides the story being a depressant, the actual story structure was a little confusing and choppy. Little bits and pieces seemed to be thrown in at different places. The timeline really seemed to skip around. From one scene, quickly without preparation or chapter division, the story may jump to another place. Plath may have written like this to make the story seem more like the story of a woman really going insane. This makes the story difficult to read unless the reader is an actually good reader. The reader must have a fair amount of concentration or at least interest in the story. After finishing the story I really just believe The Bell Jar is not worth recommending to other readers.

   - Eric N