After Tupac and D Foster - by Jackqueline Woodson
After Tupac and D Foster

"Inspirational because these girls from age 11 to 13 were always thinking about their futures"

This book takes place in New York in November 1994, about the time that Tupac first got shot. It's about three girls growing up together. Two of the girls were confined to stay on their street; the other one liked to roam. She was a foster kid that they didn't know too much about. The narrator is unnamed but her friends are D Foster and Neeka.

I saw this book as somewhat inspirational. I say that because these girls from age 11 to 13 were always thinking about their futures. As well what they were going to do next in their lives. The new girl the two friends meet is somewhat mysterious. She does not say anything but she just stares - until Neeka asks her if, is there something that I could help you with something. From this point on these two girls befriend the mysterious girl whose name is D and the three become best friends. When D comes around, they go inside the narrator's house and listen to Tupac. Tupac would rap about someone who put their baby in the trash and D would relate that to her not knowing her mother or father. After doing the same routine through the summer and going to school in the fall for a while, the girls hear that Tupac is going to jail for touching a girl inappropriately. This is where they start talking about their plans for the future and how they did not want guys all over them, and doing them wrong.

Then one day after being confined to their street Neeka and the narrator decide enough is enough and they let D talk them into roaming the streets as she did. D takes them to this place called the amphitheater, and the girls seemed to enjoy that. Then a year later D stopped coming around as much as she used to and the girls got worried. Then the narrator gets a call from D, who is crying about how Tupac was shot again and this time he might not make it. All three of the girls were scared for him. They did not want to ponder what if we were to die The thought of him not being able to make any more music scared them.

Later D came to Neeka's house to tell the girls that she was moving away with her mom who had come back to get her. This all that Desire wanted was to find her mom. Then she moved away and Neeka and the narrator dearly missed her.

   - Jawan H.

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