Across the Universe - by Beth Revis
Across the Universe

"Across the Universe is a thrilling adventurous mystery story."

Imagine this: you are a teenage girl who has been cryogenically frozen with your parents on an intergalactic spaceship travelling towards a new earth. Your ice is melted by a mystery person fifty years before the proposed landing and you almost die. You are now stuck on a ship where everyone looks very similar. This is how it is for Amy in Beth Revis's novel, Across the Universe.

Across the Universe is a thrilling adventurous mystery story. Amy and the future leader of the ship, Elder, try to track down the person who unfroze Amy and other passengers. She and Elder also discover many secrets on the corruption of the ship. To add to the adventure, little does Amy know, Elder has a crush on her. These different themes spiral and twist all throughout the book from start until they interconnect at the end.

The first chapter is very catchy; I read a sample of it on Amazon and was hooked immediately. I ended up reading the entire novel in one week despite my heavy homework load and that it was a 400 paged book. One of the technique Revis uses to enrich the book is dual narrators; Amy and Elder switch chapters back and forth. This is very neat because you get to view both of their thoughts and opinions. The more exciting parts of the novel are even more interesting because they can share their individual opinions with the reader. There is one part in the novel where Amy and Elder discover the same secret at the same exact time in separate places so you get to see their reactions through both of their thoughts.

I believe their dialogue is very authentic. They talk very much like highly educated teenagers from high school. An example of this would be their first meeting, narrated by Amy, "'I'm uh… I'm Elder. I'm the future, um, leader. Of the ship. Um.' He stands up, but I don't, so he sits down again awkwardly. Future leader of the ship? Why does the ship need a future leader? ‘Where am I?' ‘You're in the Ward,' he says, but I can barely understand him. There's a strange clipped quality to his words, and they're inflected with a singsongy intonation."

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone especially if they enjoy science fiction, history, or mystery. If you liked Star Wars, Star Trek, Mocking Jay, and even Wall-E then you will enjoy this book. It includes the idea of a huge all-encompassing ship just like in Star Trek and Wall-E. It also has much to do with a rebellion like in Mocking Jay and Wall-E. The idea of frozen carbonate is used from Star Wars. These familiar themes help you relate to other literature.

Unlike the other stories, this novel has very little violence. Overall the best part is, just like the original Star Wars and The Hunger Games, it is a trilogy. The ending was very satisfying but it allows much room for additional stories. I am planning on reading the next two books very soon. Just like The Hunger Games, you will need to have plenty of free time to read this book. Once you start, it is very hard to stop because of how well it is written.

   - Matthew C.