Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer - by Seth Grahame-Smith
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer

"I didn't even know I wanted it until they made this book."

The life of a president can seem rather dull with all those mind- numbing daily duties, debates, and diplomacy. Not to mention, you have to put up with people with whom you don't necessarily get along with. But what if, on the side, the president hunted the supernatural? Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is a novel by Seth Grahame-Smith, and is a historical aberration on Abraham Lincoln. Sure, he was great and got many things done in the accurate historical sense, but what if he was busy hunting the diabolical creatures of the night when he wasn't doing his POTUS duties?

When I first saw this book, two things went through my mind: "This sounds like the weirdest thing. How could you mix presidents and vampires? There's no way this could be accurate in the slightest sense!" and "Holy moly, this is everything I have ever asked for. I didn't even know I wanted it until they made this book." Sometimes, mash-ups are really nice, like and French fries and ice cream (I'm not kidding, it's rather delectable), but often, they can come out pretty terrible (as in that awful gum that tastes like pie. Ew.). It's up to the brave to decide which category it falls into, and after reading this book, I was glad that I was daring enough to do so.

The book is strangely well-researched, and I found myself learning along the ride. It starts with Lincoln's childhood, and progresses through his life, all the way to his assassination and beyond, linking various events with the treachery of the vampires. It is this treachery that drives Lincoln to be one of the best vampire hunters in history. And what made it great was that, even though it sounds ridiculous (everyone knows vampires don't exist), it was creepily believable, and I couldn't help but have a few second thoughts about Lincoln, forming a new fantasy of how cool it would be if he actually did slay vampires while keeping up with his duties.

Since his mother dies from an illness linked to these dwellers of the night, the president vows: "I hereby resolve to kill every vampire in America." It is these words that launch him into a hard, grueling, and far from boring campaign for a better nation free of these monsters. The development of Lincoln throughout his life is also quite convincing, and is exactly how one would expect the president to be. The journal style adds to make it even more believable and interesting. I finished this book in just a few days, pulling it out whenever I had the time to, and found it easy to jump right back in where I had left off. It is a more intriguing story and characters than most young adult paranormal novels, and offers a fresh alternative. This book will most certainly entertain, whether you are in it for the adventure or for the alternative and whimsical idea of a United States president being a slayer of vampires.

I enjoyed the frequent references to outside things, such as Shakespearean quotes. They somehow made me appreciate Shakespeare more. It also tells of Lincoln running into a young Edgar Allen Poe, among other things. This book is very witty and is quite humorous, without losing it's dark tone. Even though some parts of this book may not be true, you can't help but to look at Lincoln in a slightly new light as your imagination flashes with ideas of this presidential bane of the vampires.

   - Review by Rachael M.